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Release notes 

I'm happy to announce the release of BackInTime 1.1.10! A lot of things did happen for BackInTime \o/

* first of all I moved BIT from Launchpad to GitHub. Code hosting and bug tracking is now on GitHub. Translations stays on Launchpad.

* we now have unittests which will help to prevent future bugs (thanks to Dorian, Alexandre, Aurélien and Gregory from IAGL)! This unittests will be checked with every new commit on (thanks to Taylor).

* an unfinished new_snapshot can now be continued if possible. This will speed up the process a lot if a previous snapshot failed.

* GUI will now start much faster when using slow destinations (e.g. a NAS). The snapshots list will be loaded after the GUI comes up.

* I added a custom icon for the 'show hidden folders' button. The old + was very confusing.

* navigation with Nautilus shortcuts (ALT + Arrow) and Next/Previous Mouse Buttons are now possible.

* and of course lots of bug fixes


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* Fix bug: failed to remove empty lock file (
* Add Icon 'show-hidden' (
* Add Modify for Full System Backup button to settings page, to change some profile settings
* Fix bug: Restore the correct file owner and group fail if they are not present in system (
* add get|set_list_value to configfile
* Fix bug: QObject::startTimer error on closing app
* subclass ApplicationInstance in GUIApplicationInstance to reduce redundant code
* speed up app start by adding snapshots to timeline in background thread
* add warning on failed permission restore (
* add unittest (thanks to Dorian, Alexandre, Aurélien and Gregory from IAGL)
* Fix bug: FileNotFoundError while starting pw-cache from source
* continue an unfinished new_snapshot if possible (
* Fix bug: suppress warning about failed inhibit suspend if run as root (
* Fix bug: UI blocked/greyed out while removing snapshot (
* Fix bug: pw-cache failed on leftover PID file, using ApplicationInstance now (
* Fix bug: failed to parse some arguments (
* Fix bug: failed to start GUI if launched from systray icon
* Fix bug: deleted snapshot is still listed in Timeline if using mode SSH (
* Fix bug: PermissionError while deleting readonly files on sshfs mounted share (
* Add Nautilus-like shortcuts for navigating in file browser (
* speed up mounting of SSH+encrypted profiles
* Fix bug: creat new encrypted profiles with encfs >= 1.8.0 failed (
* Fix bug: AttributeError in common/ if keyring is missing (
* Fix bug: remote rename of 'new_snapshot' folder sometimes isn't recognized locally; rename local now (
* Move source code and bug tracking to GitHub

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