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Generic framework for processing bank statements and payment orders in OpenERP.

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This project is the successor of the projet, which is not maintained any more. It provides support for SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, import of bank statements in many different formats and advanced reconciliation mechanisms.

This project is a community effort. Please contribute your bug reports, answers, merge requests and blueprints. If you would like to share the responsibility, please join the team and maybe also To participate and give your opinion in the development of the project, you should subscribe to the mailing-list banking-addons-drivers.

Code contributors:

- EduSense BV: creating the originating project and maintaining it up until OpenERP 5.0
- Therp BV
- Canonicle
- Credativ
- KNdati
- Sami Haahtinen
- Camptocamp
- Akretion
- Acsone

Two main projects are centralized here :

 - The X.Y ones : More monolithic, but more advanced in term of features

 - The bank-statement-reconcile-X ones : More modular and extendable, but less features

Both are available with different vision and we'll try to merge both vision in one single serie in the future, taking advantage on both approach.

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GNU Affero GPL v3

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7.0 series is the current focus of development.


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  • 6.1 Released on 2012-05-07
    The Banking Addons community releases version 6.1 of the Banking Addons for O...
  • Support for UK HSBC added on 2012-02-13
    Banking Addons now support UK HSBC, contributed by Credativ!
  • Test our functional update on 2012-01-25
    We would like you to have a look at our functional updates for the banking ad...