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Small barcode library I made for another project, thought it might be useful to someone else.

Barcode library written in Python, you can currently write EAN-13, Code-128A, Code128-B, Code128-C and Gs1.
It also includes a CLI tool that can generate barcode image files and GTK GUI examples with printing support.
Future releases will include EAN-8 and EAN-18 barcodes as well as a small layout engine to design labels for printing, maybe even some Qt examples too.

I have verified the barcodes using a cheap Deltaco (KB Wedge B519153) CCD handheld barcode scanner.

Here's a simple snippet on how to render EAN-13 and Code-128B barcodes:

    from barcodes.ean import Ean
    from barcodes.code128 import Code128
    from barcodes.write import CairoRender

    CairoRender(Ean("12 3456789012"), margin=8).save_svg("test-ean.svg", 160, 80)
    print CairoRender(Code128.from_unicode(u"CODE128B"), margin=4).get_svg(160, 80)

There is more functionality and ways of doing it, most shown in the demos, but this should give you an idea of how it works. Have fun!

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