Basenji 0.7 released!

Written for Basenji by Patrick Ulbrich on 2010-08-07

New features / fixes:

* Added search presets to volume and item searchentries
* Added support for thumbnails in the filebrowser (bug #508523)
* Added ability to sort volumes by various criteria (bug #587169)
* Added menu for recently used databases (bug #587169)
* Added item editor (double click on an item)
* Added note and keyword properties to the ItemInfo widget
* Highlight items that have notes or keywords assigned
* Updated libextractor bindings (removes BOMs from unicode keywords)
* Added EUSL support for volume queries
* Fixed crash on encrypted drives (bug #574292)
* Added more volume categories (bug #606796)
* Beautified DateChooser widget
* Added ability to open databases via command line
* Make sure translated labels do not shrink widgets
* Fixed column widths in some widgets
* Fixed duration format in the ItemInfo widget
* Fixed calendar window width
* Only show search errors temporarily in the mainwindow
* Fixed some compiler warnings
* Other minor bugfixes
* Updated translations

New translations:

* Italian
* Bulgarian
* Occitan
* Brazilian portuguese
* Turkish
* Polish

Updated on 2010-08-07.

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