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Basenji 0.8 released!

Written for Basenji by Patrick Ulbrich on 2011-04-25

What's new:
* Added support for network drives and mountpoints
* Added option to disable the iteminfo panel
* Added option to hide hidden files
* Added support for metadata searching
* Added debugging options
* Added daemon for automated drive scanning
  (linux only, see
* Many new translations
* Many optimizations and bugfixes

Updated on 2011-04-25.

Daily PPA available!

Written for Basenji by Patrick Ulbrich on 2010-10-04

Brave users can now try out the latest and greatest features by installing daily builds available at
Note that this PPA is not supported. Stable builds are available at

Basenji 0.7 released!

Written for Basenji by Patrick Ulbrich on 2010-08-07

New features / fixes:

* Added search presets to volume and item searchentries
* Added support for thumbnails in the filebrowser (bug #508523)
* Added ability to sort volumes by various criteria (bug #587169)
* Added menu for recently used databases (bug #587169)
* Added item editor (double click on an item)
* Added note and keyword properties to the ItemInfo widget
* Highlight items that have notes or keywords assigned
* Updated libextractor bindings (removes BOMs from unicode keywords)
* Added EUSL support for volume queries
* Fixed crash on encrypted drives (bug #574292)
* Added more volume categories (bug #606796)
* Beautified DateChooser widget
* Added ability to open databases via command line
* Make sure translated labels do not shrink widgets
* Fixed column widths in some widgets
* Fixed duration format in the ItemInfo widget
* Fixed calendar window width
* Only show search errors temporarily in the mainwindow
* Fixed some compiler warnings
* Other minor bugfixes
* Updated translations

New translations:

* Italian
* Bulgarian
* Occitan
* Brazilian portuguese
* Turkish
* Polish

Updated on 2010-08-07.

Basenji 0.6 released!

Written for Basenji by Patrick Ulbrich on 2010-04-20

Most important features of this release:

* Added support for audio cds. Yay!
* Added GnomeCatalog import
* Migrated to devicekit-disks (removes HAL dependency)
* Rewritten symlink resolving (much much faster, resolves symlinks to symlinks)
* Blacklist support for libextractor plugins that are unstable
* Added new translations (french, russian)
* Added support for mimeicons in custom icon themes (e.g. Tango on windows)
* Fixed a memleak in the libextractor binding
* Unified duration times
* Code refactoring
* Lots of bugfixes

It is strongly recommended to update to this release.

Updated on 2010-04-20.

Call for translations!

Written for Basenji by Patrick Ulbrich on 2010-04-12

Basenji 0.6 is just around the corner but there are still plenty of untranslated strings.
So if you have some time to translate Basenji to your native language, please head over to and become a contributor :-)

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