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QBzr 0.23.2 released

Written for QBzr by Alexander Belchenko on 2016-04-09

On behalf of QBzr developers I'd like to announce maintenance release
of QBzr 0.23.2. QBzr 0.23.2 should work with bzr 2.5-2.7.

Maintenance release.

 * qrun:
   * More robust against unicode help from some hidden commands.
     Attempt to fix bug #1217371. (Alexander Belchenko)
 * qshelve:
   * New command line option --all to start with all changes selected.
     (Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik, Bug #1227914)
   * New command line option --message (-m) to set the message string.
     (Sveinung Kvilhaugsvik, Bug #1233909)
 * qcommit:
   * Better compatibility with bzr 2.6+: fixed warning message
     `Cannot expand "commit_data": Dicts do not support option expansion`.
     (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #1254838)


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2.7.0 released

Written for Bazaar by Richard Wilbur on 2016-02-15

This is bzr-2.7.0, the first release in our new 2.7 stable series.

Bazaar <> is a Canonical project and part of
the GNU project <> to produce a free operating system.

Thanks to everyone who contributed patches, suggestions, and feedback.
Special thanks are due Vincent Ladeuil, without whom this release
would not have made it out the door in time to be a part of the next
Ubuntu Long-Term-Support release (16.04), and from whom I have been
learning a great deal.

Bazaar is now available for download from as a source tarball.

There is another source tarball that is nearly identical and equally
valid (signed by the same developer) available on PyPI - the Python
Package Index.[0] We used to point from PyPI to the source tarball on
launchpad, but PyPI[1] now requires us to host any downloads locally.
This requires an additional PKG-INFO file which is now part of our
normal tarball creation process. Thus, from now on there will be no
need for two tarballs.

Volunteers are welcome to build a windows and an OSX installer. When
those are created they will be available at the above link.

Bazaar is also available for *BSD through the ports ecosystem at
thanks to Matthew Fuller.

This release marks the start of a new long-term-stable series. From
here, we will only make bugfix releases on the 2.7 series (2.7.1,
etc), while 2.8 will become our new development series.

This <> is a bugfix release
(20 bugs fixed) over the 2.6 series focusing on test issues triggered
by various python 2.7 updates.

All known fixed bugs are included here.

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the other stable series. bzr 2.7
will be the last series with active python 2.6 testing and support.
Python 2.6 hasn't received any updates since v2.6.9 of 29 Oct 2013.
Python 2.7.9 of 10 Dec 2014 was the oldest version to receive a
security fix with ssl library's match_hostname.

PEP 0470 -- Removing External Hosting Support on PyPI

bzr-eclipse 1.4 released

Written for Bazaar Plugin for Eclipse by Piotr Piastucki on 2014-01-31

We are happy to announce the release of bzr-eclipse 1.4.0.

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bzr-eclipse 1.3 released

Written for Bazaar Plugin for Eclipse by Piotr Piastucki on 2013-11-02

We are happy to announce the release of bzr-eclipse 1.3.0.

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Celebrating 1000 downloads of bzr-eclipse!

Written for Bazaar Plugin for Eclipse by Piotr Piastucki on 2013-10-29

Bzr-eclipse has been downloaded more than 1000 times by the users in 87 countries since the 1.2 release in June.
Some more details can be found here -
Thank you!

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