BeatBox 0.7

Written for BeatBox by Scott Ringwelski on 2012-10-13

This release brings big changes "under the hood", as well as a some visual changes.

The UI has been cleaned up a bit, going back the the original design in many places.
The preferences window has been revamped to include preferences for plugins as well as a more robust UI for general settings.

Along with these and other GUI changes, there were tons of changes under the hood. The entire app was refactored and cleaned up. This ensure that it is easy for other developers to work on BeatBox, makes regressions less likely to happen, speeds up the core, and allows for plugin support among other benefits. For more on this, please see the previous post on the refactor.

A few of the changes include:
*Plugin support
*DB upgrading, which means no longer having to delete your db for new versions.
*Better authentication
*Smart auto scroll to current song
*Fixed issue where list view became horizontally scrolled unnecessarily
*Gapless playback
*Much faster startup
*Multi-library management. Podcasts now are a truly separate library with a separate folder associated it.

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