BeBot 0.6.2

This release is a maintenance release, fixing several issues as well as delivering an updated server list for due to the Age of Conan server merges.

As this release moves the server list into a dedicated file any updates there will be easier in the future.

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Thomas Juberg
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- Fixed a bug in buddy list handling of the Roster core.
- setcraft now has the option to set it as None, Update by gerborg
- Moved ServerList into conf folder and Checked US server List, 9 Updated, 6 Added
- Logon Spam now has Setting as to what user level they have to be for logon spam, Default Member Only
- Fixed Command Links for Guild in AoC
- Enabled BotStatistics for AoC, Fixed Dim Issue, Fixed Output issue
- Fixed Issue with !admin del <group> <name> not working when name has number
- Fixed issue of Guest always being added to notify regardless of settings
- Fixed bug were user removed from notify stay in online
- Updated All US and some EU Servers with New names and ip's
- Added sending of shutdown/restart reason
- Now allows password to be entered on loading of StartBot.php

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