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Thomas Juberg
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download icon BeBot-0.6.3.tar.bz2 (md5) BeBot 0.6.3 stable release .tar.bz2 254
last downloaded 41 weeks ago
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This release includes an updated serverlist for Anarchy Online made neccecary by the server move as well as numerous bugfixes. Upgrade is highly recommended.


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Version 0.6.3
- Fixed stripping of control characters on text from IRC (logon/logoff)
- Fixed a bug where the quotes module would crash if there where no quotes in the database
- Added option to relay to suffix relayed text with a characters main. Controlled using !set relay showmain on/off
- Added option to truncate the name of the main character for relayed text.
- No Longer invites because of a bot restart if autoinvite is on, they will get invited if they were in PG before restart anyway
- Added Option to have News Spammed at PGjoin.
- Added improved handling of rerolled characters.
- Whois table is no longer wiped for AoC bots upon startup.
- Updated AO server information due to changed ports.
- Fixed bug #380461 causing the AOC Autouseradd module to never add silently.

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