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Release notes 

This is a major maintenance release featuring working support for Age of Conan 1.05 and Anarchy Online 18.1. In addition several modules have been updated with new features and some have been improved. New with this release is also the automated update checker which will notify superadmins and owner whenever a new update is available. Module developers should be aware of a small API change to the make_item function which no longer accepts the optional fifth argument for $alternate.


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Version 0.6.4
- Modified the network protocol to work with AoC 1.05
  Please note that PrivGroup relays are no longer an option for AoC due to chatserver changes.
- Reversing stripping of control characters on text from IRC for now.
- htmlspecialchars_decode text going to IRC to decode & and similar.
- IRC join/part/quit messages now properly prefixed on IRC and are also relayed over guild relay if UseGuildRelay is set for IRC module.
- IRC part/quit messages are now relayed ingame.
- Fixed flip command
- Added the option to make reason required for !ban add
- Added a check for botname_rules.txt before getting rules.txt
- Lots of Changes to Raid module, lots of new function and features including restart/crash support, raid logging, raid control interface,
  punish raiders, move countdown, min level and also fixed alot of problems with output to wrong place or unnessesary spam
- Lots of Changes to Bid module, lots of new function and deatures including using points log, !bid cancel, !bid all, and more
- Corrected some color codes and time zone for "last online" in !whois (AoC only)
- Backported some fixes from trunk to make it bearable to enable E_ALL logging
- Changed help for !aliasadmin (which didn't exist) to !alias admin
- Bot doesn't tell people that there are "No news." upon login any more. Only if they ask for "!news".
- Added more spam protection (e.g. when double clicking tell links) to message queue.
- Added this->bot->core("tools")->my_rand($min=false, $max=false) wrapper to call random number generator.
- !roll should work properly now.
- Improved !raffle logic slightly. Will now determine the number of times to do a roll depending on the number of people in the raffle.
- Added setting Members->QuietUpdate to let the bot do roster updates quietly (default off).
- Added setting Shutdown->QuietShutdown to let the bot do restart and shutdown quietly (default off).
- Fixed a bug causing the bot to malfunction for Anarchy Online if one did not use the numeric dimension representations.
- The bot now checks online to see if a newer version is available. This behaviour can be disabled using "!set version checkupdate off" if desired.
- !version is now an alias of !about.
- !version check can now be used by superadmins and above (hardcoded in 0.6 branch) to force a version check.

API Changes:
make_item no longer accepts the optional fifth argument. It will now properly deal with item names containing ' automatically.

1 blueprint and 3 bugs targeted

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eregi_replace depreciated in php 5.3+ and needs replacing. eregi_replace depreciated in php 5.3+ and needs replacing. 1 Undefined Thomas Juberg  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
395713 #395713 Long integers as array keys are bugged on Linux 32bit 3 High DJKRose  10 Fix Released
396248 #396248 Error Reading RPC header 3 High DJKRose  10 Fix Released
404606 #404606 Rev 91 0.6.4-pre2 3 High Thomas Juberg  10 Fix Released
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