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BeeSeek is a project to build a free, open-source search engine based on a peer to peer technology.

This is a project group that includes all the projects that make up our services. If you are looking for the search engine itself, go to

The idea that moves BeeSeek is to develop a search engine whose source code is freely accessible to everyone, that gives warranties about individual's privacy, whose revenues are used for ethical projects, who share the processing work among the clients (peers) of the network, that doesn't store personal user data for long times and no more than needed.

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  • Documentation online on 2010-07-29
    Source code and API documentation is now available online: http://dev.beeseek...
  • New website! on 2010-07-13
    We have switched to Python+Django and updated the contents. Now we are lookin...
  • Beta 3 on 2010-01-07
    Today, we have released the third beta of the BeeSeek software! Downloads are...
  • Beta 2 released on 2009-07-07
    Today, we have released the beta 2 of the BeeSeek software! Feel free to test...
  • BeeSeek Beta 1 released on 2009-05-23
    Recently we have had great news from the development team. Now we are proud t...