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Our objective is to provide a lightweight, easy-to-use OpenBox, ready for non-technical and technical/power users.

Bento Ubuntu Remix is a lightweight Operating System relying on Ubuntu Linux dedicated to all Personal Computer users. It makes use of the Openbox Window Manager along with openbox-menu and obsession as main programs. As such, it is easy to use everyday although it does not use a Desktop Manager. Providing a fast and performing Operating System with the look and feel of a classic desktop, it can be installed on old computers and recent ones, and can be easily customized the way you like it best.

Bento Linux is also a method using elements which have been improved over time, and was started several years ago in 2009, some time after openbox-menu was created. Think of a recipe, which can be reproduced in most Linux distributions. The main programs used, Openbox, openbox-menu, and obsession are packaged for several other well known distributions, such as Debian, Archlinux, Gentoo…

We are working hard to make it even better, join the team!

Here are the official pages of the Openbox, openbox-menu and obsession projects:

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trusty-sushi series is the current focus of development.

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    We think this is a reliable and interesting project to work on. We need powe...