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V.0.02.1 under hard development

Written for by Smonff on 2012-03-06

V.0.02.1 is under hard development. Maps, covers, templates, and so on... Feel free to join us and shtart to shwap your shwelves...

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A new reshapped wiki !

Written for by Smonff on 2011-12-19

After a great effort and nice night works, we are very pleased to announce our new Wiki...

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A Live presentations @ the BXL Hackerspace

Written for by Smonff on 2011-12-09

2011/12/13 : we will present the philosophical and technical facts of the project

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S3 meeting #2 @ BXL !!!

Written for by Smonff on 2011-12-08

In the half of december will append the second International Self Shelf Swap Meeting in Bruxelles.
Please contact us for any information

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Self Shelf Swap V0.1 : a Dime And A Shoestring source code available !!!

Written for by Smonff on 2011-09-16

See, download it on Launchpad.

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