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Written for BigDFT by Luigi Genovese on 2018-12-13

The new "wired" version of BigDFT suite is out.
It features the treatment of Wire-like Boundary Conditions, as well as a number of modifications related to the documentation and
the packaging of some of the suite packages. It will also be the last bzr-versioned BigDFT version, before migration to git CVS.

BigDFT 1.8.2

Written for BigDFT by Luigi Genovese on 2018-03-17

The version of BigDFT 1.8.2 (codename "Containered" is out).
The Python integration is now inserted in the standard distribution.
This version is the first one of the code which is released within a docker container, see

BigDFT 1.8.1 release aka "Early Py-rd"

Written for BigDFT by Luigi Genovese on 2017-04-28

This release is a stabilisation of some known problems of 1.8.0 and includes early stage developments of the Python modules which will be used to analyze and schedule calculations

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BigDFT 1.8.0 is out!

Written for BigDFT by Luigi Genovese on 2016-07-13

This is the first version of the BigDFT suite bundle.
The compilation instructions can be found on the installation section of the BigDFT website.
This version provides separately packages like futile, CheSS as well as the Poisson Solver such as they can be compiled separately from the core BigDFT files.

Deliver of latest stable version of 1.7 release

Written for BigDFT by Luigi Genovese on 2015-07-11

BigDFT 1.7.7 is out.
The code is now ready for the new infrastructure which will be present in the 1.8 series.
The yaml I/O is now fully operational and the input files features are functional.
The flib and Psolver directory are ready to be delivered separately, though this will happen officially in the 1.8.

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