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New version 1.7.6

Written for BigDFT by Luigi Genovese on 2014-11-02

The new version 1.7.6 is out. It enhances the functionalities of 1.7.5 version and prepares the functionalities for 1.8 series.

BigDFT 1.7.5 is out!

Written for BigDFT by Luigi Genovese on 2014-07-20

The new release of BigDFT code, 1.7.5 is now out.
This version contains a number of new developments and contributions,, like the first version of the linear scaling code based on Daubechies Wavelets.
Also, the Minima Hopping method of Stefan Goedecker's group is now available and distributes with the BigDFT code.
In addition, different functionalities are now available and experimental in this release, like the new yaml input/output scheme and the usage of the flib collection of modules.
This version will pave the way towards the 1.8 release series, where these experimental functionalities will override old behaviour.

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