Big Metro 1.0.0

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Big Metro
Jiří Hajda
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download icon bigmetro-1.0.0-i386.deb (md5) Linux 32-bit 7
last downloaded 51 weeks ago
download icon bigmetro-1.0.0-amd64.deb (md5) Linux 64-bit 8
last downloaded 52 weeks ago
download icon Install-BigMetro-1.0.0.exe (md5) Windows 32-bit and 64-bit 8
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
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First public release.


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* Added: 12 station shapes.
* Added: Change train direction if train is manually repositioned.
* Added: Automatic zooming to all existed map stations.
* Added: Player can place additional trains on line and move trains between lines and different places on line.
* Added: Draw track lines which go in same position side by side to see them all and be able to grab one of them.
* Added: Show passenger max. count at each map station overload signalization using pie graphic. If overload last too long then game over is set.
* Added: 9 metro lines with different colors.
* Added: Support for circular lines.
* Added: Player can enlarge line from both ends as well as between stations.
* Added: If track line is grabbed then design time floating track attached to mouse is displayed.
* Added: Space bar key have a pause function now to stop train movement and time flow.
* Added: Rotate train and their passengers according track.
* Added: Add new train each week.
* Added: Show clock at top right corner.
* Added: Show line end stations.
* Added: Show passengers inside train.
* Added: Show available trains count.
* Added: Select metro line by clicking on its track.

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