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insserv (1.14.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Kel Modderman ]
  * Add 21_tweak_warnings.patch to make insserv warn about differing on
    disk state/LSB runlevel info for the script(s) in its argument list.
    (Closes: #578308)
  * Add 100_show.patch which allows insserv --showall to dump start/stop
    bit, sequence number, runlevels and script name in the format:
    SK:NUM:RUNLEVELS:SCRIPT. It is commented out in quilt series file
    until confirmation from #573004 that it is actually useful.
  * Add 30_interactive_regexp_match_fix.patch which fixes failure to
    properly match the correct group in the regular expression used on
    the X-Interactive keyword. (Closes: #580564)
  * Modify 92_m68k_alignment.patch so that the define is grouped in an
    area of code which other similar defines live.

  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Improve the output from make-testsuite. 
  * Adjust the test_x_interactive behaviour to make sure it fails with
    a fatal error if X-Interactive: true do not work.

insserv (1.14.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
  * Fix typo (loop->look) in previous changelog (Closes: #549286).
    Thanks to Josh Triplett.
  * New testsuite code test_undetected_loop to report error when the
    loop detection fail to trigger with a loop involving a virtual
    facility, as was detected in #554905.
  * Change homepage link to the Savannah project.

  [ Kel Modderman ]
  * New upstream release.
  * Drop patches applied upstream:
    - 20_install_perms_fixup.patch
    - 21_tests_suite_new_functions.patch
    - 30_deterministic_order.patch
    - 40_badboy_segfault.patch
    - 50_symlink_in_initddir.patch
    - 60_all_keyword_start_only.patch
    - 61_interactive_keyword.patch
    - 62_upstart_job.patch
    - 70_req_start_all_depends.patch
    - 71_complete_makefile.patch
    - 80_manual_warnings.patch
    - 81_lessverbose.patch
    - 82_loop_exit_msg.patch
    - 90_no_runlevel_spec_for_debian.patch
    - 91_kfreebsd_nofadvice.patch
    - 93_hurd_no_path_max.patch
    - 94_v1_12_2.patch
    - 95_stop_all.patch
    - 96_hurd_no_at_funcs.patch
  * Refresh remaining patch series.
  * Set debian/source/format to 1.0.
  * Adjust Standards-Version to 3.8.4, no other chages required.
  * Add 20_manpage_spelling.patch to fix spelling errors in insserv(8).
  * Add note next to test_undetected_loop() that it's 2 tests currently
    fail but are not terminal.
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insserv: Tool to organize boot sequence using LSB init.d script dependencies

 The insserv program is used to update the order of symlinks in
 /etc/rc?.d/ with sysv-rc based on dependencies specified in the
 scripts themselves using LSB init.d script headers.
 This allow each package maintainer to specify their init.d script
 relation to other scripts and make it possible to detect and reject
 script dependency loops as well as making sure all scripts start in
 their intended order.
 The program insserv in this package should be used with care and
 together with the sysv-rc package, as using it incorrectly can lead
 to an unbootable system.