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Bio-Linux is an Ubuntu derivative developed by the NEBC group, with funding from the UK Natural Environment Research Council. Many new software packages have been added as part of Bio-Linux, and these were previously build and distributed in-house. As part of moving to a community development model, package distribution is being moved to the Launchpad PPA facility. This project exists to give bio-Linux a presence on Launchpad and specifically to allow use of the bug tracking facility in the development of Bio-Linux.

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NERC Bio-Linux
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Simplified BSD Licence, Other/Open Source
(The bulk of this project is in the PPA. All uploads to the PPA comply with PPA policies and conventions. Any supporting code committed to BZR will be licensed according to the OSI-approved terms of the software it relates to (eg. Perl modules are licensed "under the same terms as Perl itself"). Any self-contained software will be put under the Simplified BSD license. There is no "core codebase" for this project.)
This project’s licence has not been reviewed.

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