Birdie 0.2 "Kompano" has arrived

Written for Birdie by Ivo Nunes on 2013-05-09

About two months ago, we released the first version of Birdie. We definitely didn't expect the huge amount of attention we got, but we were very happy with it. However, as good as Birdie was, it still wasn't good enough for us.

Today we're releasing Birdie 0.2 "Kompano". It is everything Birdie 0.1 was but also a whole lot more. With this release of Birdie, we bring you a much faster Twitter experience, a refreshed, modern user interface and overall a much better app.

You can now preview images or YouTube videos right from the app. And of course, you can also attach images when you tweet. Some annoying bugs and crashes have been fixed, providing a very stable experience.

We've heard our users, and have implemented multiple user accounts. You can now easily add and remove accounts, as well as switch between them. We have also added the first bit of autocompletion, allowing Birdie to autocomplete your DM recipients. This will certainly expand to hashtags and mentions in the future.

Like with the first release, we're trying to create a great user experience, providing you with the best Twitter app we can create. If you already use Birdie, you will receive the update automatically through your package manager. If you are a new user and want to start using Birdie, you can go to our website and follow the instructions.

Birdie is created by volunteers, so feel free to contribute and help shape this beautiful app. Even if you don't know how to code, you can still help us by donating through our website. Thanks for the huge feedback we've received during the last two months, we definitely wouldn't be where we are without you.


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