Birdie 0.3 "Konversacio" is here

Written for Birdie by Ivo Nunes on 2013-07-07

Birdie 0.3 "Konversacio" is now available. Since the last release, we've been refining Birdie to meet the high standards our users expect. We don't want it to crash or slow down, just like our users don't.

This releases implements a long-awaited feature, threaded conversations, and comes with the usual bug fixes and improvements. Translations have been updated, bugs have been squashed and Birdie's reliability is better than ever. We've made Granite optional, so you can enjoy Birdie on more distributions. We've integrated Birdie with the latest Ubuntu versions. Overall, this release has been about polish.

With this update, we can now move our focus to the next big milestone: Birdie 1.0. We think this version is a great foundation for the future of Birdie, and we will build the next Birdie on top of it. Version 1.0 won't be a small update. It won't be something meaningless. It will be the most important step yet in Birdie's tiny lifetime. It will be more polished. It will have a level of integration with elementary OS unlike ever before. It will be fast, simple and intuitive. You can be sure we will continue our vision to create the best Twitter experience available on elementary OS.

Thanks for your support, and we hope you enjoy this new release :)

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