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Registered 2010-08-02 by Andreas Würl Linux tracker software available as an integrated Debian software package. All current and future hardware versions should be supported. --- Linux Tracker Software als integriertes Debian Softwarepaket. Enthält Unterstützung für aktuelle und zukünftigen Versionen der Erfassungshardware.

The software includes the following features:

  * reliable measurement and data transmission
  * configurable data rate limit
  * optional local storage of measured data for further analysis
  * easy install via Debian package without need to compile software before use

The software can be used as a native package on Debian and Ubuntu Linux systems.
It can be compiled from the sources on all other Linux systems.

Any feature requests or bug reports are welcome!

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Andreas Würl
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Blitzortung-Tracker trunk series is the current focus of development


Latest version is 1.0.8
released on 2013-09-16

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