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The Zope Web Framework

BlueBream is a web framework created using Python programming language by Zope community. BlueBream is a thin layer on top of Zope Tool Kit (ZTK). BlueBream use the Zope component architecture (ZCA) for "separation of concerns" and to create reusable components (zope.component). BlueBream has an object publisher (zope.publisher), web server (zope.server), transactional object database (ZODB), ZCML an XML based configuration language for registering components (zope.configuration), flexible security architecture with pluggable security policies (, unit and functional testing frameworks (zope.testing, zope.testbrowser), XHTML-compliant templating language (zope.pagetemplate), schema engine and automatic form generation machinery (zope.schema, z3c.form) and many more core and third-party packages.

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Baiju Muthukadan
BlueBream Team
Zope Public Licence

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