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1.1 (see what's coming) release from the trunk series released 2007-08-18

Release information
Release notes:

Fixed many Bugs and added a Pause mode.
Also prepackaged Ubuntu .deb is available for Feisty (and should work with Gutsy too)


- fixed: icon shows connecting process
- fixed: no window flicker on startup (Bug #1772241)
- fixed: first window not displaced at upper left corner (Bug #1772241)
- fixed: wrong set MAC when no config file exists, now shows correctly "not configured" in icon tooltip
- added: startup script to be run from anywhere (link it in your session startup)
- added: automatically show settings screen on first startup (Feature #1772589)
- added: pause mode via icon's context menu (Feature #1776527)
- added: Ubuntu Feisty package (Feature #1772590)
- modified: some aspects regarding easier packaging
- modified: logo
- modified: switching most bt functions to pybluez, only rssi detection relies on hcitool

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download icon CHANGELOG.txt (md5) Changelog 29
last downloaded 29 weeks ago
download icon blueproximity_1.1-1_all.deb (md5) Ubuntu Feisty package 64
last downloaded 3 weeks ago
download icon blueproximity-1.1.tar.gz (md5) tarball without installation 46
last downloaded 12 weeks ago
Total downloads: 139