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This project will provide tutorials from the Ubuntu Community Forums readable in the Yelp browser. The eventual goal is to provide a package in Universe for users to have access to all the best how-to and tutorials from the community forums. This will also be a good tool for those that don't always have a Internet connection. This package will supplement the Ubuntu System documentation. This project is under continuous development. Though stable, releases prior to 0.0.4 should not be considered as "useful". The Trunk .deb will work on any release.

Use the following command in a Terminal to add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:byobu/ppa

You may also download the .deb from this page if you wish to manually install boucft.

To contribute to the development branch:
1. get a copy of the source: bzr branch lp:boucft
2. make your changes and attach the bzr diff to a bug report for boucft.

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Duane Hinnen
Duane Hinnen
Creative Commons - Attribution

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Latest version is boucft-trunk-0.0.4rc

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