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There is a large difference between developers in Ubuntu and the end-users. The developers assume that the documentation they provide is enough for users to use Ubuntu and for any volunteers to come and work for them. The end-users are entirely unaware of documentation on how to use Ubuntu's features or the fact that there is something that they can contribute. Or they find documentation hard to follow or a bit confusing. This project aims to educate the end-users on how to use various features of Ubuntu and how they can contribute. An official YouTube channel giving the outlines of what they can do, all options available for them to contribute and an official Ubuntu website ("") describing in a modern way ( I mean easier to understand for end-users) on various aspects.

This project begins with the study of all the features and segments of Ubuntu such as Ubuntu translations, wiki, docs, developers, bugs, qa team, artwork team etc. An exhaustive list of areas and fields of contribution is created. All of them are studied and there would be surveys to know how much part of it is known to people. Short tutorials to all of of these subjects are created without deeply indulging into the specifics. Something like this

I know that this video is not completely relevant here. The point I wanted to make by putting this video is that, the content of the video would indicate towards the fact that these things are possible. And it gives an overview of how to do things without making it like spoon feeding.

Telling people that these things are available and acknowledging the fact that these things are possible. This would create a general awareness among people. And of course, giving basics of various tools used in accomplishing the tasks. Such as introduction to IRC so that people can discuss on IRC rather than put them in g+ and wait for some novice to reply and then get frustrated.

Then creating a new website like say '" where things are described in a modern way. And this newbie site is linked to in the firefox homepage.

The complete story is at.

Technical details:

First check out the exhaustive-list-dev blueprint and add your field you want userbase to know.

Just add the list of things that people should know in the work items in the blueprints. Videos will be made.

People who want to contribute videos, audio or images, please contact me

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