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Importing of CVS repositories into Breezy using cvsps

This is a plugin for Breezy which converts from cvs to Breezy using cvsps as the program that analyzes the CVS history to extract "patchsets". The main difference from other tools (such as tailor) is that it converts all branches, rather than just converting the mainline branch.

It uses cvsps as the patchset extractor, since that seems to be used by several other conversion programs. One key advantage is that cvsps tries to guess what ancestor branch an new branch is based from. Which allows branches of branches to be tracked.

Because CVS data can easily be inconsistent, there won't be a perfect 1:1 mapping into brz. cvsps has some small bugs which we try to work around. (It can report that a file is deleted on a branch, which has never existed on that branch).

Easy install for a single user:
mkdir -p ~/.config/breezy/plugins
cd ~/.config/breezy/plugins
bzr checkout lp:brz-cvsps-import cvsps_import

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