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BugnuX is a PCLinuxOS based distribution that uses Enlightenment 0.17 and Fluxbox as the window manager. Although it has tools specially for software testing, it contains all the tools necessary for a common user. BugnuX is the first linux distribution for software testing, that is also installable, packaged with useful Testing Tools to help testers and quality assurance personnel. Open source Tools for testing web application, Java, load and performance are provided by default.

A test release was released in April 2007, and after prolonged developement, the stable version, BugnuX2007, has been released in September 2007. The testing tools include marathon, jacareto, CurlLoader, among others.

The key features of this release are that the default Window Manager is Enlighenment 0.17. Yes, E17 is still in beta, but it has some very nifty features. Since it is in beta, also included is the latest stable version of Fluxbox, as an alternative.

The LiveCD also includes a firefox browser with some addons pre-installed, like, Quick Locale Switcher, All-in-One Sidebar (AiOS), Ad-Block plus, and testing tools like Selenium, LiveHttpHeaders, and so on.

Another important addition is, BugnuX has it's own repository that is fully compatible with PCLinuxOS 2007. The repository contains packages of E17, Rox, idesk, Fluxbox, Openbox, Fvwm etc., and other useful packages like all the testing tools(marathon, jacareto, CurlLoader) that can be used pclinuxos users too.

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