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This is a drop-in extension for Bugzilla 3.6 and later that helps if your Bugzilla receives a lot of stack traces in comments. Currently it supports GDB and Python stack traces.

To install TraceParser:

cd /path/to/bugzilla/extensions/
bzr co lp:bugzilla-traceparser TraceParser
cd /path/to/bugzilla/
./ Parse::StackTrace

TraceParser has been tested against over 200,000 stack traces on and is in regular production use there.

The extension has the following features:

* It figures out the "interesting" thread(s) of traces and displays only those threads in comments (with a page you can click through to to see the full trace).

* It displays stack traces "prettily", HTML-formatted, in comments. (You can click through to see the raw trace.)

* It hides traces in comments by default, with a button to expand them. If you want to always see traces, there is a preference for that in your "Preferences" panel.

* When a user files a bug in the web interface that contains a stack trace, if there are similar or identical traces in the system, it offers the user the opportunity to CC themselves on one of the bugs containing the similar traces instead of continuing to file their bug. If their trace is of higher quality than the trace currently on the bug, it will also add their trace to the bug.

* Administrators and triagers can, for specific traces, say that certain incoming traces should be *automatically* duped to specific bugs, without the user being able to choose. If the bug is closed (RESOLVED, VERIFIED, etc.), the user will simply receive a message saying that they tried to file a duplicate of a closed bug, with a link to the
bug. If the bug is open, CCs them on the bug and attaches their trace if it is of higher quality than the existing trace.

* There is a report that shows the most popular stack traces submitted.

TraceParser is brought to you by Canonical (who funded the original development) and Everything Solved, Inc. (who developed and now maintain it):

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