bos02-arm64-025 builds arm64, armel, and armhf binaries and is owned by Colin Watson.

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33577915 [building] Building armhf build of macaulay2 in ubuntu bionic RELEASE [~profzoom/ubuntu/macaulay2]

Started 6 hours, 36 minutes, 28.0 seconds ago.


testing: methods.m2
testing: subst4.m2
testing: galois1.m2
testing: sottile.m2
testing: testskew.m2
testing: tensor.m2
testing: hilbertSeries.m2
testing: mutmat2.m2
testing: schreyer.m2
testing: expressions.m2
testing: permutations.m2
testing: names.m2
testing: printing.m2
testing: L00a.m2
testing: gbZZ-2.m2
testing: res9.m2
testing: user.m2
testing: gb2.m2
testing: memleak2.m2
testing: subsets.m2
testing: socket.m2
testing: factor.m2
testing: assert-expression.m2
testing: polyrings.m2
testing: monideal2.m2
testing: division.m2
testing: monideal.m2
testing: frac.m2
testing: WeylAlgebra.m2
testing: LU.m2
testing: betti3.m2
testing: wedgeproduct.m2
testing: terms.m2
testing: doc-links.m2
testing: mutmat3.m2
testing: schenck-book-2.m2
testing: random2.m2
testing: prune3.m2
testing: rank-GF-2.m2
testing: inhom.m2
testing: subst6.m2
testing: gbinhom.m2
testing: lists.m2
testing: schur.m2
testing: dual.m2
testing: gcd.m2
testing: B44.m2
testing: selectInSubring.m2
testing: gbZZ-mingens.m2
testing: matrixpromote.m2
testing: mingens.m2
testing: isSkewCommutative.m2
testing: docStructure.m2
testing: res14.m2
testing: totaro.m2
testing: command.m2
testing: monideal5.m2
testing: polyring-power-char-5.m2
testing: isSubquotient.m2
testing: prune2.m2
testing: schorder2.m2
testing: ker5.m2
testing: memleak5.m2
testing: iso.m2
testing: res11.m2
testing: preimage.m2
testing: ggZZbug2.m2
testing: prune.m2
testing: memleak3.m2
testing: size.m2
testing: mut-mult-ops.m2
testing: moty-symbol.m2
testing: memleak6.m2
testing: ringmap4.m2
testing: monideal3.m2
testing: strings.m2
testing: res.m2
testing: pushforward4.m2
testing: res2.m2
make[5]: Leaving directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/M2/Macaulay2/tests/normal'
/usr/bin/make -C threads check
make[5]: Entering directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/M2/Macaulay2/tests/threads'
testing: schur-2.m2
make[5]: Leaving directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/M2/Macaulay2/tests/threads'
/usr/bin/make -C slow check
make[5]: Entering directory '/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/M2/Macaulay2/tests/slow'
testing: plethysms.m2

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arm64 armel armhf (virtual)
Colin Watson
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