lcy02-amd64-099 builds amd64 and i386 binaries and is owned by Canonical Launchpad Engineering.

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34911242 [building] Building amd64 build of meson in ubuntu jammy RELEASE [~ubuntu-support-team/ubuntu/meson]

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 libraries are listed before their dependencies. ... ok
test_pkgconfig_relative_paths (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_pkgconfig_uninstalled (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_pkgconfig_usage (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_prelinking (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_qt5dependency_qmake_detection (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Test that qt5 detection with qmake works. This can't be an ordinary ... ok
test_qt6dependency_qmake_detection (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Test that qt6 detection with qmake works. This can't be an ordinary ... skipped 'Qmake found, but it is not for Qt 6.'
test_qtdependency_pkgconfig_detection (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Test that qt4 and qt5 detection with pkgconfig works. ... ok
test_reconfigure (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_run_installed (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_soname (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_static_archive_stripping (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Check that Meson produces valid static archives with --strip enabled ... ok
test_static_link (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_symlink_builddir (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Test using a symlink as either the builddir for "setup" or ... ok
test_unity_subproj (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests) ... ok
test_usage_external_library (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Test that uninstalled usage of an external library (from the system or ... ok
test_usage_pkgconfig_prefixes (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Build and install two external libraries, to different prefixes, ... ok
test_vala_c_warnings (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Test that no warnings are emitted for C code generated by Vala. This ... ok
test_vala_generated_source_buildir_inside_source_tree (unittests.linuxliketests.LinuxlikeTests)
Test that valac outputs generated C files in the expected location when ... ok

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amd64 i386 (virtual)
Canonical Launchpad Engineering
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