riscv64-qemu-lcy01-064 builds riscv64 binaries and is owned by William Grant.

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33752331 [building] Building riscv64 build of mir-test-tools-edge snap package (mir-test-tools) in ubuntu focal-updates [~mir-team/ubuntu/dev]

Started 2 hours, 30 minutes, 14.5 seconds ago.


+ cp --archive --link --no-dereference . /build/mir-test-tools/parts/qmldemo/install
Building sdl2-apps
+ snapcraftctl build
Building wrapper
+ snapcraftctl build
+ cp --archive --link --no-dereference . /build/mir-test-tools/parts/wrapper/install
Building xwayland
+ snapcraftctl build
Staging gtk3app
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging icons
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging mir-test-tools
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging performance
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging qmldemo
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging sdl2-apps
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging wrapper
+ snapcraftctl stage
Staging xwayland
+ snapcraftctl stage
Pulling cleanup
+ snapcraftctl pull
Running build phase...
[27/May/2022:00:39:27 +0000] "CONNECT HTTP/1.1" 200 148535 "-" "-"
Skipping pull gtk3app (already ran)
Skipping pull icons (already ran)
Skipping pull recipe-version (already ran)
Skipping pull mir-test-tools (already ran)
Skipping pull performance (already ran)
Skipping pull qmldemo (already ran)
Skipping pull sdl2-apps (already ran)
Skipping pull wrapper (already ran)
Skipping pull xwayland (already ran)
[27/May/2022:00:39:43 +0000] "CONNECT HTTP/1.1" 200 148883 "-" "-"
Skipping pull cleanup (already ran)
Skipping build gtk3app (already ran)
Skipping build icons (already ran)
Skipping build recipe-version (already ran)
Skipping build mir-test-tools (already ran)
Skipping build performance (already ran)
Skipping build qmldemo (already ran)
Skipping build sdl2-apps (already ran)
Skipping build wrapper (already ran)
Skipping build xwayland (already ran)
Building cleanup
+ snapcraftctl build
Skipping stage gtk3app (already ran)
Skipping stage icons (already ran)
Skipping stage recipe-version (already ran)
Skipping stage mir-test-tools (already ran)
Skipping stage performance (already ran)
Skipping stage qmldemo (already ran)
Skipping stage sdl2-apps (already ran)
Skipping stage wrapper (already ran)
Skipping stage xwayland (already ran)
Staging cleanup
+ snapcraftctl stage
Priming gtk3app
+ snapcraftctl prime

Builder information

William Grant
This builder is in auto-mode and accepting jobs from the auto-build system.