Five Ubuntu Features You Didn't Know About Ubuntu

Written for byobu by Dustin Kirkland  on 2010-02-16

Byobu: A Better Screen

Do you like screen? For the uninitiated, screen is a terminal screen window manager that allows you to multiplex between several different virtual terminals. Each screen session is independent of all others and can run applications or processes in each session allowing you to multitask without switching terminals.

If you’re familiar with screen, you know the power of it already. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’ll fall in love with byobu and gain an understanding of screen and its capabilities.

To invoke byobu, simply type byobu at the command line. Do not use the “&” since it must remain a foreground process.

Byobu is a group of python and shell scripts that enhance the screen program, making it easier to use and expanding its features into a true management interface. Each of the function (”F”) keys has significant keybindings for byobu. For an extremely well documented Help system, press the F9 key while in byobu. Here, you’ll find all aspects of byobu and its configuration and operation.

Byobu also provides you a constant system status at the bottom of your terminal window showing you name and number of virtual terminals, Ubuntu version, uptime, load average, memory used, date, time.

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