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The definitive rsync script!

The project is focused to help system admins to setup easily a reliable backup.

It consists of a set of shell scripts, highly customizable, to deal with backup/recovery, local or remote, task using the powerful rsync!

Ubuntu Packages available! Visit for instructions.

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Danilo Penna Queiroz
Danilo Penna Queiroz
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devel series 

Programming Languages:
bash shell script

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BZ Backup devel series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 1.4
released on 2010-04-29

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  • BzBackup Moved for a new PPA on 2010-10-14
    We've created a new PPA for BzBackup, and are copying for Marverick. Check i...
  • BZ Backup 1.3 on 2010-02-20
    Hi! Today I Founded a little bug at rotation function. And I fixed it. So, d...
  • BZ Backup 1.2 on 2009-08-05
    The version 1.2 is now on download page. And it's available for hardy, intre...
  • Jaunty now has BzBackup 1.2. on 2009-04-15
    BzBackup 1.2 released, with a small bug, in notification feature, fixed, and ...
  • BzBackup package available on 2008-10-22
    Hello all! Some good news! Now BzBackup is available to Intrepid using apt-g...