Bazaar Explorer 1.2.0 released

Written for Bazaar Explorer by Alexander Belchenko on 2011-07-21

On behalf of the Bazaar Explorer Developers, I'm pleased to announce
"Leif Ericson", our 1.2.0 release.

Bazaar Explorer is a desktop application for using the Bazaar version control system, a modern VCS that supports both centralized and distributed version control. Our 1.2.0 release runs on GNU/Linux (both GNOME and KDE), Windows and OS X desktops and is available in many languages.

New features:

* "Shelve changes" and "Unshelve changes" menu items have been added
  to Bazaar -> Work menu. Require QBzr 0.21 or later.
  (Alexander Belchenko)


* History, shared repository and branch views now refresh
  automatically when there are changes (Jonathan Riddell, Bug #792308)

* Some performance improvements (Alexander Belchenko):

  * Faster creation of big lists with changes in Working Tree or
    changes against submit branch.

  * Don't refresh main view too often.

Bug Fixes:

* Use the parent branch in the submit pane when working with bound branches.
  (A. S. Budden, Bug #777108)

* Improvements to tab names and tooltips when working with bound branches.
  Simplification of code that determines locations for all types of location.
  (A. S. Budden)

* Remove use of deprecated shlex_split_unicode()
  (Jonathan Riddell, Bug #781204)

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