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Bazaar Explorer 0.3.1 released

Written for Bazaar Explorer by Alexander Belchenko on 2009-06-22

We are releasing 0.3.1 just after 0.3 because there are some serious bugs found in 0.3 by early testers/adopters.
Please, upgrade your version to 0.3.1.

Sorry for inconveniences.

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First public release of Bazaar Explorer now available

Written for Bazaar Explorer by Ian Clatworthy on 2009-06-22

On behalf of the Bazaar Explorer developers, I'm pleased to announce the availability of our first public release, 0.3. This version is suitable for early adopters and others comfortable with running into bugs and rough edges. Bazaar Explorer runs on GNOME, KDE, Windows and OS X.

For an overview of the major features, some screenshots and download instructions, please visit our home page,

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