bzr-fastimport 0.6 released

Written for Bazaar Fast Import by Ian Clatworthy on 2008-07-23

bzr-fastimport 0.6 is now released.

This release is compatible with bzr 1.1 or later, including 1.6beta3. It also provides:

* better round-tripping with Git (thanks to Pieter de Bie)
* more flexible export of Subversion branches (thanks to Mirko Friedenhagen)
* better online help

To get a copy of this release, 'bzr branch lp:bzr-fastimport/0.6'.

The fastimport plugin provides stream-based importing of data into Bazaar. A script is also included providing exporting of data out of Bazaar to the same format. As well as enabling interchange between multiple VCS tools, fastimport/export can be useful for complex branch operations, e.g. partitioning off part of a code base in order to Open Source it.

Discussion and further development of this plugin takes place on the main bzr mailing list, <>.

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