Bazaar GTK+ Frontends 0.94.0

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Bazaar GTK+ Frontends
Jasper Groenewegen
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Release notes 

We're happy to announce the release of bzr-gtk 0.94.0.

This is the first release in quite some time, but we hope to keep the
interval between releases smaller in the future.


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  * Removed tortoise-bzr, which now has its own project (

  * Use new D-Bus revision signal. (James Henstridge, #206443)

  * Disabled signature tab until we start verifying testaments.
    (Jelmer Vernooij)


  * Made the tags associated with a revision render next to the revision
    node in the branch view. (Ali Sabil)

  * Made the tag list in the revision view be comma-separated. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Add bugs tab in the branch view. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * New Tango-styled icons. This time properly licensed under the GPL.
    (Simon Pascal Klein)

  * Support showing multiple branches in "bzr viz". (Jelmer Vernooij

  * Added new icons for nautilus overlay (Martin Albisetti)

  * Added enable/disable per-branch option (Martin Albisetti)

  * Add compare with option to revisions menu. (Javier Derderian)

  * Register file handler for applying patches/bundles to Bazaar branches.
    (Jelmer Vernooij)


  * Make adding tags from the viz work again. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Catch UnsupportedProtocol exception in the Nautilus extension. (#77965)

  * Make Nautilus extension work again. (#111826, Toshio Kuratomi, Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Make viz not throw errors when there are 0 commits. (#173698, Gary van der

  * Fixed underscores in tags being interpreted as mnemonics in the viz. (#201733,
    Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Fixed change view menu in viz. (Javier Derderian, #215350)

  * Fix display of children in branchview. (Jelmer Vernooij, #224914)


  * Only check for old Bazaar versions that are known to be incompatible and
    no longer warn about newer (unknown) versions of Bazaar, on the assumption
    the API is sufficiently stable now. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Support child_submit_to setting in gsend. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Add tab to revision view showing the signature status. (Daniel Schierbeck, Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Use seahorse to verify signatures. (Daniel Schierbeck)


  * Refactored the revisionview. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * It is now possible to use the diff view as a widget. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Preferences dialog has been split up. (Jelmer Vernooij)

0 blueprints and 10 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
224914 #224914 viz fails to show children properly 2 Critical Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
187037 #187037 gpush fails with unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'float' and 'NoneType' 3 High Aaron Bentley  10 Fix Released
77965 #77965 Unsupported protocol for url "x-nautilus-desktop:///" 4 Medium   10 Fix Released
136432 #136432 olive installs to two locations 4 Medium Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
111826 #111826 Broken menu items in nautilus integration 5 Low   10 Fix Released
125932 #125932 Invalid sym link makes olive fail 5 Low Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
131471 #131471 bzr gconflicts outputs error messages when pushing green button and no files are in conflict 5 Low Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
137172 #137172 Olive: Glade file cannot be found if installed in home 5 Low Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
199513 #199513 gcommit crashes: ERROR: dbus.exceptions.DBusException 5 Low Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
224632 #224632 gannotate: dies with AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'validate_bus_name' 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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