Bazaar GTK+ Frontends 0.12.0

Olive and nautilus-bzr have been integrated. Couple of bugs fixed.

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Bazaar GTK+ Frontends
Jelmer Vernooij
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1 Jelmer Vernooij, 4 Szilveszter Farkas
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As of bzr-gtk 0.12.0, Olive has been integrated into the
bzr-gtk package. Olive is a standalone GTK+ application that provides
access to Bazaar branches.

The code from Olive has been simplified and has been integrated with the
rest of bzr-gtk.

nautilus-bzr has now also been made part of bzr-gtk. nautilus-bzr
provides Bazaar integration to nautilus. This was
previously a separately developed project, even though it already relied
heavily on bzr-gtk.

A pull/merge windows has been added.

The following bugs have been fixed since 0.11.0:

 * #68127: gcommit is broken
 * #67934: various win32 fixes
 * #67933: fix product name in
 * #67930: gdiff relies on plugin name being 'gtk'
 * #66937: process doesn't stop after closing commit dialog
 * #66091: commit after merge fails
 * #67927: fix non-ascii commit message

The latest tarball is available at:

bzr-gtk is currently being maintained by Szilvester Farkas, Alexander
Belchenko and Jelmer Vernooij. Anybody is welcome to contribute and join
the 'bzr-gtk' launchpad team.


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66091 #66091 Commit after merge fails 1 Undecided Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
66937 #66937 Process doesn't stop after closing Commit dialog 1 Undecided Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
67927 #67927 olive: non-ascii commit message saved as utf-8 string 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
67930 #67930 gdiff command inaccessible if plugin named not as 'gtk' 1 Undecided Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
67933 #67933 name of product 1 Undecided Jelmer Vernooij  10 Fix Released
67934 #67934 olive: various win32 fixes awaiting review and merge 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
68127 #68127 gcommit is broken 1 Undecided Szilveszter Farkas  10 Fix Released
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