Bazaar GTK+ Frontends 0.95.0

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Bazaar GTK+ Frontends
Jasper Groenewegen
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Release notes 

We're happy to announce the next version of bzr-gtk, 0.95.0. This
release contains a large number of bug fixes and new features.

This version is designed for bzr >= 1.6


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The changes since 0.94 are:


  * Added Refresh menu option with F5 keyboard shortcut (Russ Brown)

  * Show progress bars in bzr viz window (Chad Miller, Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Added menu option for indexing branches if bzr-search is present.
    (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Add "Send Merge Directive" button in bzr viz. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Remove dummy "Edit->Find" option. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Added an optional diff panel to bzr vis. (Scott Scriven)

  * Made bzr vis remember whether the toolbar is visible. (Scott

  * Made bzr vis remember window and panel sizes. (Scott Scriven)

  * Sort Olive bookmarks by title (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Add controls to wrap long lines in gdiff and diff in visualise.
(Jasper Groenewegen, #229789)

  * Made merge dialog to give choice between folder and custom location
(Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Add new dialog to browse looms and switch to threads in loom
branches. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Show status for folders in Olive file list (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Change appearance Olive bookmarks (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Add ability to have dialog popup from Olive location bar. (Jasper


  * Replace _() calls by _i18n() calls. (Vincent Ladeuil, #187283)

  * Fixed adding tags. (Javier Derderian, #228709)

  * Fix history mode button. (Jasper Groenewegen, #144962)

  * Fixed handle-patch script. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Fix import in olive. (Jelmer Vernooij, #223935)

  * Avoid use of removed smart_add. (Jelmer Vernooij, #244025, #244027)

  * Remove use of upstream removed Repository.revision_parents()
    (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * List network drives in Olive. (Kevin Light, #244308)

  * Fix progress bar handling. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Fix broken symlink handling. (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Fix import in Olive rename dialog. (Kevin Light)

  * Removed some redundant screen redrawing in bzr vis. (Scott Scriven)

  * Fixed overflowing labels in bzr vis. (Scott Scriven)

  * Fix plugin description in gpreferences. (Jasper Groenewegen,

  * Remove question for setting default push location. (Jasper
Groenewegen, #151818)

  * Automatically change to history mode on selecting a revision from
the list. (Jasper Groenewegen, #144963)

  * Check if file is versioned before opening gannotate window from
olive. (Jasper Groenewegen, #115358)

  * Make sure error/info/warning dialogs know their parent window.
(Jasper Groenewegen, #252208)

  * Handle unreadable .bzr subfolder in Olive. (Jasper Groenewegen,


  * Moved notify icon code to separate script. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Verify testaments when showing signatures on revisions and
    re-enable signature display. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Show credits for bzr-gtk in the about dialog. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Add gmerge command line option (Jasper Groenewegen, #124760)


  * All i18n calls should now go through _i18n which must be imported
    bzrlib.plugins.gtk. This addresses the occasional collisions with
'_' used
    as an anonymous variable. (Vincent Ladeuil)

  * Add test for linegraph code. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Remove obsolete tortoisebzr tests. (Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Share revision context menu and main revision menu in bzr viz.
(Jelmer Vernooij)

  * Remove glade from merge dialog. (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Remove glade from olive about, rename, remove, move, mkdir, add
dialogs. (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Remove glade from olive main window (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Remove glade from olive info dialog (Jasper Groenewegen)

  * Rewrite Olive mouse button event handling (Kevin Light)

0 blueprints and 4 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
213186 #213186 gannotate broken with 3 High Daniel Schierbeck  10 Fix Released
229044 #229044 olive-gtk leaves user in the dark with file permissions crash 4 Medium Jasper Groenewegen  10 Fix Released
242144 #242144 olive-gtk: history mode input field only triggers on normal enter, not numpad enter 4 Medium Jasper Groenewegen  10 Fix Released
187283 #187283 bzr selftest bizarre errors related to '_''s gettext 1 Undecided Vincent Ladeuil  10 Fix Released
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