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This plugin allows use of Bazaar as a build SCM in Hudson.

With this plugin, you can designate a Bazaar branch as the "upstream" repository. Every build will update the local branch. Polling is also supported, it 'll check if the upstream branch have any new revision and use this as the build triggering condition.

Requires bzr >= 1.18 and xmloutput >= 0.8.5 (trunk)

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Latest version is 1.1
released on 2009-09-03

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  • 1.1 released! on 2009-09-03
    This release fix a lot of bugs, see the release notes for more details: https...
  • trunk upgraded to format 2a on 2009-07-25
    The bzr-hudson trunk was upgraded to the new and shiny 2a format
  • bzr-hudson 1.0beta1 on 2009-01-23
    This first "oficial" release of bzr-hudson provides simple bazaar support for...