bzr-loom 1.3

Written for Loom by Robert Collins on 2008-03-26

bzr-loom 1.3 is now released.

This release has better error messages, a new export-loom command, support for merge types such as lca during up-thread operations.

bzr-loom is a plugin for Bazaar which adds support for maintaining a
stack of related threads. Looms are good for working on several
separate, but related features: for example, refactoring to facilitate a
new feature, and then developing the feature on top of that refactoring.

The loom plugin is released under the GNU GPL v2.

To get a copy of the looms 1.3 release, 'bzr branch lp:bzr-loom/1.3'.

Discussion and further development of looms will take place on the main
bzr mailing list, <>.

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