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This (experimental) plugin caches the revision-id to revision-number (revno) mapping between updates to a branch. It is useful for users working on projects with deep non-linear history. For a large project with over 100,000 revisions, installing this plugin can reduce the execution time of bzr commands referencing merge revisions (i.e. those with dotted revnos) by 30-45 seconds on a typical laptop.

To install, simply:

  mkdir -p ~/.bazaar/plugins
  bzr branch lp:bzr-revnocache ~/.bazaar/plugins/revnocache

Windows users should use the appropriate location for their platform instead (C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Bazaar\2.0\plugins\revnocache). Bazaar 1.4 or later is required. After installation, run "bzr help revnocache" for more information about how the plugin works and known limitations.

WARNING: This plugin is ready for early adopter testing but may still contain serious bugs. It is not ready for use in a production environment yet.

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