Registered 2008-12-14 by Alexander Belchenko

Organise and manage a collection of bzr branches as a complex project.

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trunk series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 0.6.2
released on 2012-04-13

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  • Scmproj 0.6.2 released on 2012-04-13
    New maintenance release of scmproj 0.6.2. Compatible with bzr 2.5.
  • Scmproj 0.6.1 released on 2010-05-02
    New version of scmproj 0.6.1 provides bugfixes and improvements in project v2...
  • Scmproj 0.6.0 released on 2010-03-26
    I'm happy to announce new 0.6 release of scmproj plugin codenamed "The White ...
  • Scmproj 0.5.2 released on 2010-03-04
    I've released 0.5.2 version of scmproj plugin. See
  • Scmproj 0.5.1 released on 2010-01-08
    I'm happy to announce new point release of scmproj 0.5.1 codenamed "The Great...