Bazaar Style Checker 0.1.1 released

Written for Bazaar Style Checker by Stian Selnes on 2009-11-15

I'm pleased to announce that Bazaar Style Checker 0.1.1 is now available. This is a bugfix release:
 * Handle whitespace in paths in style_checker_command.
 * Workaround for annoying and harmless warning on Windows when trying to remove a temporary file.

Highlight of features in 0.1.x:
 * A commit-hook that checks if modified files violates a defined coding style.
 * An external program is used to check the code style. The command to run is configurable.
 * A new command “bzr style-check” to fix the code style for one file, only modified or for all files.
 * Simple backup routine for files that are fixed.

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