Bazaar 2.0.0 released

Written for Bazaar by Martin Pool on 2009-10-06

The Bazaar version control system development team is happy to announce availability of bzr 2.0.0. It is now available for download from <>, including binary packages for popular platforms.

This release of Bazaar makes the 2a format introduced in bzr 1.16 the default when new branches or repositories are created. This format is substantially smaller and faster for most operations. Most of the work in this release focuses on bug fixes and stabilization, covering both 2a and previous formats. See the Upgrade Guide for information on migrating existing projects to 2a.

Bazaar 2.0 will be supported with api and format compatible bugfix-only 2.0.x releases for at least the next six months. In parallel with this we will make stable monthly beta releases with new features and larger changes.

Bazaar's key benefits include:

* Flexibility to work either in either a centralized or distributed fashion.

* Quick branching and excellent automatic merging of changes, including renames of files and directories.

* Portability across all commonly used OS platforms, with integrated installers available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

* Compact storage of history.

* Foreign branch interfaces allowing interoperation with Subversion, git and Mercurial.

* A Python extension interface with over 100 plugins available.

* ... and more, see

Bazaar is free software (GNU GPL 2+), a part of the GNU project, and supported by Canonical Ltd.

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