bzr 2.2.1 released

Written for Bazaar by Vincent Ladeuil on 2010-09-28

The Bazaar team is happy to announce availability of a new
release of the bzr adaptive version control system.
Bazaar is part of the GNU system <>.

This is a bugfix release which also includes bugfixes from 2.0.6 and
2.1.3. None are critical, but upgrading is recommended for all users on
earlier 2.2 releases.

Thanks to everyone who contributed patches, suggestions, and

Bazaar is now available for download from

as a source tarball. Packages are already available for Ubuntu, FreeBSD
and others. Installers are available for OSX, windows installers should
be available Really Soon Now (watch the url above where they should pop
up as soon as they become available).

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