bzr 2.4b4 released

Written for Bazaar by Vincent Ladeuil on 2011-06-21

A new beta release, our fourth one, has been released: 2.4b4. 2.4.0 is
planned to be released in August 2011.

As usual, this contains all known bug fixes (including the ones we made
for the previous stable releases).
Reminder: since 2.4b3, we've stopped supporting python-2.4/2.5 and hardy
there for the *beta*, the 2.3 stable series will maintain compatibility
with python2.4.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Quickly after the beta was made available on debian sid
    we had two reports of . The fix has already
    landed on trunk and will be available in 2.4b5. It impacts anybody
    with a bazaar.conf containing some non-ascii chars but only when no
    BZR_EDITOR environment variable is set. So the workaround is to set
    BZR_EDITOR to a valid editor.

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