2.5b6 released

Written for Bazaar by Vincent Ladeuil on 2012-02-10

This is the sixth (and last (really)) beta of the 2.5 series: 2.5b6

Bazaar <http://bazaar.canonical.com/> is a Canonical project and part of the GNU project <http://gnu.org/> to produce a free operating system.

2.5.0 is planned to be released in March 2012.

This introduces the support for colocated branches into the '2a' format in a backward compatible way, fix more glitches in the colocated UI, verify https certificates for the urllib https client implementation, fix some more unicode issues and more.

All bugs fixed in previous series known at the time of this release are included.

Details at <https://launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/2.5b6>

The 2.5 API is now frozen as are the strings for translations.

Since this is our very last beta, I'd like to remind packagers and plugin authors that a special care should be taken to precisely identify which revisions of which plugins are targeted at the 2.5 series and ensure that the plugins are compatible with 2.5b6 (and keep paying attention during the early days of 2.5.0 ;).

A warm thank you to all of you sending feedback, suggestions, even merge proposals making bzr better !

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