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1.0rc1 (1.0alpha1) release from the 1.0 series released 2007-12-01

Release information
Release notes:

bzr 1.0rc1 2007-11-30


   * The default repository format is now ``pack-0.92``. This
     default is used when creating new repositories with ``init`` and
     ``init-repo``, and when branching over bzr+ssh or bzr+hpss.

     This format can be read and written by Bazaar 0.92 and later, and
     data can be transferred to and from older formats.

     To upgrade, please reconcile your repository (``bzr reconcile``), and then
     upgrade (``bzr upgrade``).

     ``pack-0.92`` offers substantially better scaling and performance than the
     previous knits format. Some operations are slower where the code already
     had bad scaling characteristics under knits, the pack format mak...


bzr 1.0rc1 2007-11-30


   * The default repository format is now ``pack-0.92``. This
     default is used when creating new repositories with ``init`` and
     ``init-repo``, and when branching over bzr+ssh or bzr+hpss.

     This format can be read and written by Bazaar 0.92 and later, and
     data can be transferred to and from older formats.

     To upgrade, please reconcile your repository (``bzr reconcile``), and then
     upgrade (``bzr upgrade``).

     ``pack-0.92`` offers substantially better scaling and performance than the
     previous knits format. Some operations are slower where the code already
     had bad scaling characteristics under knits, the pack format makes such
     operations more visible as part of being more scalable overall. We will
     correct such operations over the coming releases and encourage the filing
     of bugs on any operation which you observe to be slower in a packs
     repository. One particular case that we do not intend to fix is pulling
     data from a pack repository into a knit repository over a high latency
     link; downgrading such data requires reinsertion of the file texts, and
     this is a classic space/time tradeoff. The current implementation is
     conservative on memory usage because we need to support converting data
     from any tree without problems.
     (Robert Collins, Martin Pool, #164476)


   * Disable detection of plink.exe as possible ssh vendor. Plink vendor
     still available if user selects it explicitly with BZR_SSH environment
     variable. (Alexander Belchenko, workaround for bug #107593)

   * The pack format is now accessible as "pack-0.92", or "pack-0.92-subtree"
     to enable the subtree functions (for example, for bzr-svn).
     (Martin Pool)


   * New ``authentication.conf`` file holding the password or other credentials
     for remote servers. This can be used for ssh, sftp, smtp and other
     supported transports.
     (Vincent Ladeuil)

   * New rich-root and rich-root-pack formats, recording the same data about
     tree roots that's recorded for all other directories.
     (Aaron Bentley, #164639)

   * ``switch`` command added for changing the branch a lightweight checkout
     is associated with and updating the tree to reflect the latest content
     accordingly. This command was previously part of the BzrTools plug-in.
     (Ian Clatworthy, Aaron Bentley, David Allouche)

   * ``reconfigure`` command can now convert branches, trees, or checkouts to
     lightweight checkouts. (Aaron Bentley)


   * Commit updates the state of the working tree via a delta rather than
     supplying entirely new basis trees. For commit of a single specified file
     this reduces the wall clock time for commit by roughly a 30%.
     (Robert Collins, Martin Pool)

   * Commit with many automatically found deleted paths no longer performs
     linear scanning for the children of those paths during inventory
     iteration. This should fix commit performance blowing out when many such
     paths occur during commit. (Robert Collins, #156491)

   * Fetch with pack repositories will no longer read the entire history graph.
     (Robert Collins, #88319)

   * Revert takes out an appropriate lock when reverting to a basis tree, and
     does not read the basis inventory twice. (Robert Collins)

   * Diff does not require an inventory to be generated on dirstate trees.
     (Aaron Bentley, #149254)


   * ``bzr send`` now doesn't require the target e-mail address to be
     specified on the command line if an interactive e-mail client is used.
     (LukГЎЕЎ LalinskГЅ)

   * ``bzr tags`` now prints the revision number for each tag, instead of
     the revision id, unless --show-ids is passed. In addition, tags can be
     sorted chronologically instead of lexicographically with --sort=time.
     (Adeodato SimГі, #120231)

   * Windows standalone version of bzr is able to load system-wide plugins from
     "plugins" subdirectory in installation directory. In addition standalone
     installer write to the registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Bazaar) useful info
     about paths and bzr version. (Alexander Belchenko, #129298)



   * A progress bar has been added for knitpack -> knitpack fetching.
     (Robert Collins, #157789, #159147)

   * Branching from a branch via smart server now preserves the repository
     format. (Andrew Bennetts, #164626)

   * ``commit`` is now able to invoke an external editor in a non-ascii
     directory. (Daniel Watkins, #84043)

   * Catch connection errors for ftp.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #164567)

   * ``check`` no longer reports spurious unreferenced text versions.
     (Robert Collins, John A Meinel, #162931, #165071)

   * Conflicts are now resolved recursively by ``revert``.
     (Aaron Bentley, #102739)

   * Detect invalid transport reuse attempts by catching invalid URLs.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #161819)

   * Do no use timeout in HttpServer anymore.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #158972).

   * Don't catch the exceptions related to the http pipeline status before
     retrying an http request or some programming errors may be masked.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #160012)

   * Fix ``bzr rm`` to not delete modified and ignored files.
     (LukГЎЕЎ LalinskГЅ, #172598)

   * Fix exception when revisionspec contains merge revisons but log
     formatter doesn't support merge revisions. (Kent Gibson, #148908)

   * Fix exception when ScopeReplacer is assigned to before any members have
     been retrieved. (Aaron Bentley)

   * Fix multiple connections during checkout --lightweight.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #159150)

   * Fix possible error in insert_data_stream when copying between
     pack repositories over bzr+ssh or bzr+http.
     KnitVersionedFile.get_data_stream now makes sure that requested
     compression parents are sent before any delta hunks that depend
     on them.
     (Martin Pool, #164637)

   * Fix typo in limiting offsets coalescing for http, leading to
     whole files being downloaded instead of parts.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #165061)

   * FTP server errors don't error in the error handling code.
     (Robert Collins, #161240)

   * Give a clearer message when a pull fails because the source needs
     to be reconciled.
     (Martin Pool, #164443)

   * It is clearer when a plugin cannot be loaded because of its name, and a
     suggestion for an acceptable name is given. (Daniel Watkins, #103023)

   * Leave port as None in transport objects if user doesn't
     specify a port in urls.
     (vincent Ladeuil, #150860)

   * Make sure Repository.fetch(self) is properly a no-op for all
     Repository implementations. (John Arbash Meinel, #158333)

   * Mark .bzr directories as "hidden" on Windows.
     (Alexander Belchenko, #71147)

   * ``merge --uncommitted`` can now operate on a single file.
     (Aaron Bentley, LukГЎЕЎ LalinskГЅ, #136890)

   * Obsolete packs are now cleaned up by pack and autopack operations.
     (Robert Collins, #153789)

   * Operations pulling data from a smart server where the underlying
     repositories are not both annotated/both unannotated will now work.
     (Robert Collins, #165304).

   * Reconcile now shows progress bars. (Robert Collins, #159351)

   * ``RemoteBranch`` was not initializing ``self._revision_id_to_revno_map``
     properly. (John Arbash Meinel, #162486)

   * Removing an already-removed file reports the file does not exist. (Daniel
     Watkins, #152811)

   * Rename on Windows is able to change filename case.
     (Alexander Belchenko, #77740)

   * Return error instead of a traceback for ``bzr log -r0``.
     (Kent Gibson, #133751)

   * Return error instead of a traceback when bzr is unable to create
     symlink on some platforms (e.g. on Windows).
     (Alexander Belchenko, workaround for #81689)

   * Revert doesn't crash when restoring a single file from a deleted
     directory. (Aaron Bentley)

   * Stderr output via logging mechanism now goes through encoded wrapper
     and no more uses utf-8, but terminal encoding instead. So all unicode
     strings now should be readable in non-utf-8 terminal.
     (Alexander Belchenko, #54173)

   * The error message when ``move --after`` should be used makes how to do so
     clearer. (Daniel Watkins, #85237)

   * Unicode-safe output from ``bzr info``. The output will be encoded
     using the terminal encoding and unrepresentable characters will be
     replaced by '?'. (LukГЎЕЎ LalinskГЅ, #151844)

   * Working trees are no longer created when pushing into a local no-trees
     repo. (Daniel Watkins, #50582)

   * Upgrade util/configobj to version 4.4.0.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #151208).

   * Wrap medusa ftp test server as an FTPServer feature.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #157752)


   * ``osutils.backup_file`` is deprecated. Actually it's not used in bzrlib
     during very long time. (Alexander Belchenko)

   * The return value of
     ``VersionedFile.iter_lines_added_or_present_in_versions`` has been
     changed. Previously it was an iterator of lines, now it is an iterator of
     (line, version_id) tuples. This change has been made to aid reconcile and
     fetch operations. (Robert Collins)

   * ``bzrlib.repository.get_versioned_file_checker`` is now private.
     (Robert Collins)

   * The Repository format registry default has been removed; it was previously
     obsoleted by the bzrdir format default, which implies a default repository
     (Martin Pool)


   * Added ``ContainerSerialiser`` and ``ContainerPushParser`` to
     ``bzrlib.pack``. These classes provide more convenient APIs for generating
     and parsing containers from streams rather than from files. (Andrew

   * New module ``lru_cache`` providing a cache for use by tasks that need
     semi-random access to large amounts of data. (John A Meinel)

   * InventoryEntry.diff is now deprecated. Please use diff.DiffTree instead.

File Description Downloads
download icon bzr-setup-1.0.0.candidate.1.exe (md5) Windows Standalone Installer 75
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon bzr-1.0.0.candidate.1.win32-py2.5.exe (md5) Windows Python Installer (for Python 2.5) 78
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon bzr-1.0.0.candidate.1.win32-py2.4.exe (md5) Windows Python Installer (for Python 2.4) 76
last downloaded 8 weeks ago
Total downloads: 229

0.92 release from the 0.92 series released 2007-11-09

Release information

bzr 0.92 2007-11-05


  * New uninstaller on Win32. (Alexander Belchenko)

bzr 0.92rc1 2007-10-29



   * ``bzr`` now returns exit code 4 if an internal error occurred, and
     3 if a normal error occurred. (Martin Pool)

   * ``pull``, ``merge`` and ``push`` will no longer silently correct some
     repository index errors that occured as a result of the Weave disk format.
     Instead the ``reconcile`` command needs to be run to correct those
     problems if they exist (and it has been able to fix most such problems
     since bzr 0.8). Some new problems have been identified during this release
     and you should run ``bzr check`` once on every repository to see if you
     need to reconcile. If you cannot ``pull`` or ``merge`` from a remote
     repository due to mismatched parent errors - a symptom of index errors -
     you should simply take a full copy of that remote repository to a clean
     directory outside any local repositories, then run reconcile on it, and
     finally pull from it locally. (And naturally email the repositories owner
     to ask them to upgrade and run reconcile).
     (Robert Collins)


   * New ``knitpack-experimental`` repository format. This is interoperable with
     the ``dirstate-tags`` format but uses a smarter storage design that greatly
     speeds up many operations, both local and remote. This new format can be
     used as an option to the ``init``, ``init-repository`` and ``upgrade``
     commands. See
     for further details. (Robert Collins)

   * For users of bzr-svn (and those testing the prototype subtree support) that
     wish to try packs, a new ``knitpack-subtree-experimental`` format has also
     been added. This is interoperable with the ``dirstate-subtrees`` format.
     (Robert Collins)

   * New ``reconfigure`` command. (Aaron Bentley)

   * New ``revert --forget-merges`` command, which removes the record of a pending
     merge without affecting the working tree contents. (Martin Pool)

   * New ``bzr_remote_path`` configuration variable allows finer control of
     remote bzr locations than BZR_REMOTE_PATH environment variable.
     (Aaron Bentley)

   * New ``launchpad-login`` command to tell Bazaar your Launchpad
     user ID. This can then be used by other functions of the
     Launchpad plugin. (James Henstridge)


   * Commit in quiet mode is now slightly faster as the information to
     output is no longer calculated. (Ian Clatworthy)

   * Commit no longer checks for new text keys during insertion when the
     revision id was deterministically unique. (Robert Collins)

   * Committing a change which is not a merge and does not change the number of
     files in the tree is faster by utilising the data about whether files are
     changed to determine if the tree is unchanged rather than recalculating
     it at the end of the commit process. (Robert Collins)

   * Inventory serialisation no longer double-sha's the content.
     (Robert Collins)

   * Knit text reconstruction now avoids making copies of the lines list for
     interim texts when building a single text. The new ``apply_delta`` method
     on ``KnitContent`` aids this by allowing modification of the revision id
     such objects represent. (Robert Collins)

   * Pack indices are now partially parsed for specific key lookup using a
     bisection approach. (Robert Collins)

   * Partial commits are now approximately 40% faster by walking over the
     unselected current tree more efficiently. (Robert Collins)

   * XML inventory serialisation takes 20% less time while being stricter about
     the contents. (Robert Collins)

   * Graph ``heads()`` queries have been fixed to no longer access all history
     unnecessarily. (Robert Collins)


   * ``bzr+https://`` smart server across https now supported.
     (John Ferlito, Martin Pool, #128456)

   * Mutt is now a supported mail client; set ``mail_client=mutt`` in your
     bazaar.conf and ``send`` will use mutt. (Keir Mierle)

   * New option ``-c``/``--change`` for ``merge`` command for cherrypicking
     changes from one revision. (Alexander Belchenko, #141368)

   * Show encodings, locale and list of plugins in the traceback message.
     (Martin Pool, #63894)

   * Experimental directory formats can now be marked with
     ``experimental = True`` during registration. (Ian Clatworthy)


   * New *Bazaar in Five Minutes* guide. (Matthew Revell)

   * The hooks reference documentation is now converted to html as expected.
     (Ian Clatworthy)


   * Connection error reporting for the smart server has been fixed to
     display a user friendly message instead of a traceback.
     (Ian Clatworthy, #115601)

   * Make sure to use ``O_BINARY`` when opening files to check their
     sha1sum. (Alexander Belchenko, John Arbash Meinel, #153493)

   * Fix a problem with Win32 handling of the executable bit.
     (John Arbash Meinel, #149113)

   * ``bzr+ssh://`` and ``sftp://`` URLs that do not specify ports explicitly
     no longer assume that means port 22. This allows people using OpenSSH to
     override the default port in their ``~/.ssh/config`` if they wish. This
     fixes a bug introduced in bzr 0.91. (Andrew Bennetts, #146715)

   * Commands reporting exceptions can now be profiled and still have their
     data correctly dumped to a file. For example, a ``bzr commit`` with
     no changes still reports the operation as pointless but doing so no
     longer throws away the profiling data if this command is run with
     ``--lsprof-file`` say. (Ian Clatworthy)

   * Fallback to ftp when paramiko is not installed and sftp can't be used for
     ``tests/commands`` so that the test suite is still usable without
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #59150)

   * Fix commit ordering in corner case. (Aaron Bentley, #94975)

   * Fix long standing bug in partial commit when there are renames
     left in tree. (Robert Collins, #140419)

   * Fix selftest semi-random noise during http related tests.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #140614)

   * Fix typo in making the reconnection fail on temporary errors.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #154259)

   * Fix failing test by comparing real paths to cover the case where the TMPDIR
     contains a symbolic link.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #141382).

   * Fix log against smart server branches that don't support tags.
     (James Westby, #140615)

   * Fix pycurl http implementation by defining error codes from
     pycurl instead of relying on an old curl definition.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #147530)

   * Fix 'unprintable error' message when displaying BzrCheckError and
     some other exceptions on Python 2.5.
     (Martin Pool, #144633)

   * Fix ``Inventory.copy()`` and add test for it. (Jelmer Vernooij)

   * Handles default value for ListOption in cmd_commit.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #140432)

   * HttpServer and FtpServer need to be closed properly or a listening socket
     will remain opened.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #140055)

   * Monitor the .bzr directory created in the top level test
     directory to detect leaking tests.
     (Vincent Ladeuil, #147986)

   * The basename, not the full path, is now used when checking whether
     the profiling dump file begins with ``callgrind.out`` or not. This
     fixes a bug reported by Aaron Bentley on IRC. (Ian Clatworthy)

   * Trivial fix for invoking command ``reconfigure`` without arguments.
     (Rob Weir, #141629)

   * ``WorkingTree.rename_one`` will now raise an error if normalisation of the
     new path causes bzr to be unable to access the file. (Robert Collins)

   * Correctly detect a NoSuchFile when using a filezilla server. (Gary van der


   * ``bzrlib.index.GraphIndex`` now requires a size parameter to the
     constructor, for enabling bisection searches. (Robert Collins)

   * ``CommitBuilder.record_entry_contents`` now requires the root entry of a
     tree be supplied to it, previously failing to do so would trigger a
     deprecation warning. (Robert Collins)

   * ``KnitVersionedFile.add*`` will no longer cache added records even when
     enable_cache() has been called - the caching feature is now exclusively for
     reading existing data. (Robert Collins)

   * ``ReadOnlyLockError`` is deprecated; ``LockFailed`` is usually more
     appropriate. (Martin Pool)

   * Removed ``bzrlib.transport.TransportLogger`` - please see the new
     ``trace+`` transport instead. (Robert Collins)

   * Removed previously deprecated varargs interface to ``TestCase.run_bzr`` and
     deprecated methods ``TestCase.capture`` and ``TestCase.run_bzr_captured``.
     (Martin Pool)

   * Removed previous deprecated ``basis_knit`` parameter to the
     ``KnitVersionedFile`` constructor. (Robert Collins)

   * Special purpose method ``TestCase.run_bzr_decode`` is moved to the test_non_ascii
     class that needs it.
     (Martin Pool)

   * The class ``bzrlib.repofmt.knitrepo.KnitRepository3`` has been folded into
     ``KnitRepository`` by parameters to the constructor. (Robert Collins)

   * The ``VersionedFile`` interface now allows content checks to be bypassed
     by supplying check_content=False. This saves nearly 30% of the minimum
     cost to store a version of a file. (Robert Collins)

   * Tree's with bad state such as files with no length or sha will no longer
     be silently accepted by the repository XML serialiser. To serialise
     inventories without such data, pass working=True to write_inventory.
     (Robert Collins)

   * ``VersionedFile.fix_parents`` has been removed as a harmful API.
     ``VersionedFile.join`` will no longer accept different parents on either
     side of a join - it will either ignore them, or error, depending on the
     implementation. See notes when upgrading for more information.
     (Robert Collins)


   * ``bzrlib.transport.Transport.put_file`` now returns the number of bytes
     put by the method call, to allow avoiding stat-after-write or
     housekeeping in callers. (Robert Collins)

   * ``bzrlib.xml_serializer.Serializer`` is now responsible for checking that
     mandatory attributes are present on serialisation and deserialisation.
     This fixes some holes in API usage and allows better separation between
     physical storage and object serialisation. (Robert Collins)

   * New class ``bzrlib.errors.InternalBzrError`` which is just a convenient
     shorthand for deriving from BzrError and setting internal_error = True.
     (Robert Collins)

   * New method ``bzrlib.mutabletree.update_to_one_parent_via_delta`` for
     moving the state of a parent tree to a new version via a delta rather than
     a complete replacement tree. (Robert Collins)

   * New method ``bzrlib.osutils.minimum_path_selection`` useful for removing
     duplication from user input, when a user mentions both a path and an item
     contained within that path. (Robert Collins)

   * New method ``bzrlib.repository.Repository.is_write_locked`` useful for
     determining if a repository is write locked. (Robert Collins)

   * New method on ``bzrlib.tree.Tree`` ``path_content_summary`` provides a
     tuple containing the key information about a path for commit processing
     to complete. (Robert Collins)

   * New method on xml serialisers, write_inventory_to_lines, which matches the
     API used by knits for adding content. (Robert Collins)

   * New module ``bzrlib.bisect_multi`` with generic multiple-bisection-at-once
     logic, currently only available for byte-based lookup
     (``bisect_multi_bytes``). (Robert Collins)

   * New helper ``bzrlib.tuned_gzip.bytes_to_gzip`` which takes a byte string
     and returns a gzipped version of the same. This is used to avoid a bunch
     of api friction during adding of knit hunks. (Robert Collins)

   * New parameter on ``bzrlib.transport.Transport.readv``
     ``adjust_for_latency`` which changes readv from returning strictly the
     requested data to inserted return larger ranges and in forward read order
     to reduce the effect of network latency. (Robert Collins)

   * New parameter yield_parents on ``Inventory.iter_entries_by_dir`` which
     causes the parents of a selected id to be returned recursively, so all the
     paths from the root down to each element of selected_file_ids are
     returned. (Robert Collins)

   * Knit joining has been enhanced to support plain to annotated conversion
     and annotated to plain conversion. (Ian Clatworthy)

   * The CommitBuilder method ``record_entry_contents`` now returns summary
     information about the effect of the commit on the repository. This tuple
     contains an inventory delta item if the entry changed from the basis, and a
     boolean indicating whether a new file graph node was recorded.
     (Robert Collins)

   * The python path used in the Makefile can now be overridden.
     (Andrew Bennetts, Ian Clatworthy)


   * New transport implementation ``trace+`` which is useful for testing,
     logging activity taken to its _activity attribute. (Robert Collins)

   * When running bzr commands within the test suite, internal exceptions are
     not caught and reported in the usual way, but rather allowed to propagate
     up and be visible to the test suite. A new API ``run_bzr_catch_user_errors``
     makes this behavior available to other users.
     (Martin Pool)

   * New method ``TestCase.call_catch_warnings`` for testing methods that
     raises a Python warning. (Martin Pool)

File Description Downloads
download icon bzr-0.92.0.win32-py2.4.exe.asc (md5) GPG Signature for bzr 0.92 python2.4 installer 37
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon bzr-setup-0.92.0.exe (md5) Win32 standalone installer 95
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
download icon bzr-0.92.0.win32-py2.5.exe (md5) Win32 Installer for python2.5 85
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon bzr-0.92.0.win32-py2.4.exe (md5) Win32 Installer for python2.4 117
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon bzr-0.92.tar.gz (md5) bzr-0.92.tar.gz 68
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 402

0.92rc1 release from the 0.92 series released 2007-10-29

File Description Downloads
download icon bzr-0.92rc1.tar.gz.sig (md5) GPG signature 41
last downloaded 12 weeks ago
download icon bzr-0.92rc1.tar.gz (md5) Bazaar 0.92rc1 58
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 99

0.91rc2 release from the 0.91 series released 2007-09-12

File Description Downloads
download icon bzr-setup-0.91.0candidate2.exe (md5) bzr 0.91rc2 win32 self contained installer 95
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon bzr-0.91.0candidate2.win32-py2.5.exe (md5) bzr 0.91rc2 for win32 python2.5 77
last downloaded 2 weeks ago
download icon bzr-0.91.0candidate2.win32-py2.4.exe (md5) bzr 0.91rc2 for win32 python2.4 75
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
download icon bzr-0.91rc2.tar.gz (md5) bzr-0.92rc2.tar.gz 53
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 300

0.91rc1 release from the 0.91 series released 2007-09-12

File Description Downloads
download icon bzr-0.91rc1.tar.gz (md5) bazaar 0.91rc1 source 68
last downloaded 14 weeks ago
Total downloads: 68

0.17rc1 release from the 0.17 series released 2007-06-14

Release information
Release notes:

The primary changes are:

* Faster status, diff, commit, branch and checkout operations
* numerous bug fixes
* better documentation.



    * The kind() and is_executable() APIs on the WorkingTree interface no
      longer implicitly (read) locks and unlocks the tree. This *might*
      impact some plug-ins and tools using this part of the API. If you find
      an issue that may be caused by this change, please let us know,
      particularly the plug-in/tool maintainer. If encountered, the API
      fix is to surround kind() and is_executable() calls with lock_read()
      and unlock() like so::

            kind = work_tree.kind(...)


    * There are two new help topics, working-trees and repositories that
      attempt to explain these concepts. (James Westby, John Arbash Meinel,
      Aaron Bentley)

    * Added ``bzr log --limit`` to report a limited number of revisions.
      (Kent Gibson, #3659)

    * Revert does not try to preserve file contents that were originally
      produced by reverting to a historical revision. (Aaron Bentley)

    * ``bzr log --short`` now includes ``[merge]`` for revisions which
      have more than one parent. This is a small improvement to help
      understanding what changes have occurred
      (John Arbash Meinel, #83887)

    * TreeTransform avoids many renames when contructing large trees,
      improving speed. 3.25x speedups have been observed for construction of
      kernel-sized-trees, and checkouts are 1.28x faster. (Aaron Bentley)

    * Commit on large trees is now faster. In my environment, a commit of
      a small change to the Mozilla tree (55k files) has dropped from
      66 seconds to 32 seconds. For a small tree of 600 files, commit of a
      small change is 33% faster. (Ian Clatworthy)

    * Clean up the ``WorkingTree4._iter_changes()`` internal loops as well as
      ``DirState.update_entry()``. This optimizes the core logic for ``bzr
      diff`` and ``bzr status`` significantly improving the speed of
      both. (John Arbash Meinel)

    * The tutorial has been improved. (Matthew Fuller)

    * Better error message for selected file commit of merges. (Aaron Bentley)

    * Updated bash completion. (Antonin 'gree' Komenda)


    * ``bzr push`` should only connect to the remote location one time.
      We have been connecting 3 times because we forget to pass around
      the Transport object. This adds ``BzrDir.clone_on_transport()``, so
      that we can pass in the Transport that we already have.
      (John Arbash Meinel, #75721)

    * ``DirState.set_state_from_inventory()`` needs to properly order
      based on split paths, not just string paths.
      (John Arbash Meinel, #115947)

    * Let TestUIFactoy encode the password prompt with its own stdout.
      (Vincent Ladeuil, #110204)

    * pycurl should take use the range header that takes the range hint
      into account.
      (Vincent Ladeuil, #112719)

    * WorkingTree4.get_file_sha1 no longer raises an exception when invoked
      on a missing file. (Aaron Bentley, #118186)

    * WorkingTree.remove works correctly with tree references, and when pwd is
      not the tree root. (Aaron Bentley)

    * Merge no longer fails when a file is renamed in one tree and deleted
      in the other. (Aaron Bentley, #110279)

    * ``revision-info`` now accepts dotted revnos, doesn't require a tree,
      and defaults to the last revision (Matthew Fuller, #90048)

    * Tests no longer fail when BZR_REMOTE_PATH is set in the environment.
      (Daniel Watkins, #111958)

    * ``bzr branch -r revid:foo`` can be used to branch any revision in
      your repository. (Previously Branch6 only supported revisions in your
      mainline). (John Arbash Meinel, #115343)

    * 'branch lp:projname' now creates ./projname as expected.


    * Rework of LogFormatter API to provide beginning/end of log hooks and to
      encapsulate the details of the revision to be logged in a LogRevision
      In long log formats, merge revision ids are only shown when --show-ids
      is specified, and are labelled "revision-id:", as per mainline
      revisions, instead of "merged:". (Kent Gibson)

    * New ``BranchBuilder`` API which allows the construction of particular
      histories quickly. Useful for testing and potentially other applications
      too. (Robert Collins)

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