Bazaar 1.16.1

Bug fix release for 1.16.

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Jonathan Lange
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download icon Bazaar-1.16.1-OSX10.5.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) installer 693
last downloaded 62 weeks ago
download icon bzr_1.16.1-1~bazaar1~hardy1_powerpc.changes (md5, sig) bzr 1.16.1-1 Ubuntu Hardy changes for powerpc 45
last downloaded 53 weeks ago
download icon bzr_1.16.1-1~bazaar1~hardy1_powerpc.deb (md5, sig) bzr 1.16.1-1 Ubuntu Hardy binary package for powerpc 58
last downloaded 53 weeks ago
download icon bzr-setup-1.16.1-3.exe (md5, sig) bzr 1.16.1-3 Windows Standalone Installer 5,426
last downloaded 42 weeks ago
download icon Bazaar-1.16.1-OSX10.4-universal-py26.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X 10.4 universal installer (for Python 2.6) 184
last downloaded 64 weeks ago
download icon Bazaar-1.16.1-OSX10.4-universal-py25.dmg (md5, sig) Mac OS X 10.4 universal installer (for Python 2.5) 158
last downloaded 64 weeks ago
download icon bzr-1.16.1-1.win32-py2.6.exe (md5, sig) bzr 1.16.1-1 python2.6 installer 362
last downloaded 75 weeks ago
download icon bzr-1.16.1-1.win32-py2.5.exe (md5, sig) bzr 1.16.1-1 python2.5 installer 247
last downloaded 75 weeks ago
download icon bzr-1.16.1-1.win32-py2.4.exe (md5, sig) bzr 1.16.1-1 python2.4 installer 172
last downloaded 75 weeks ago
download icon (md5, sig) Bazaar 1.16.1 zip 491
last downloaded 53 weeks ago
download icon bzr-1.16.1.tar.gz (md5, sig) Bazaar 1.16.1 tarball 2,522
last downloaded 4 weeks ago
Total downloads: 10,358

Release notes 

End user testing of the 2a format revealed two serious bugs. The first, #365615, caused bzr to raise AbsentContentFactory errors when autopacking. This meant that commits or pushes to 2a-format repositories failed intermittently.

The second bug, #390563, caused the smart server to raise AbsentContentFactory when streaming 2a stacked 2a-format branches. This particularly affected branches stored on Launchpad in the 2a format.

Both of these bugs cause command failures only, neither of them cause data corruption or data loss. And, of course, both of these bugs are now fixed.


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Bug Fixes

* We now properly request a more minimal set of file texts when fetching
  multiple revisions. (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel, #390563)

* Repositories using CHK pages (which includes the new 2a format) will no
  longer error during commit or push operations when an autopack operation
  is triggered. (Robert Collins, #365615)

* ``chk_map.iter_interesting_nodes`` now properly uses the *intersection*
  of referenced nodes rather than the *union* to determine what
  uninteresting pages we still need to look at. Prior to this,
  incrementally pushing to stacked branch would push the minimal data, but
  fetching everything would request extra texts. There are some unhandled
  cases wrt trees of different depths, but this fixes the common cases.
  (Robert Collins, John Arbash Meinel, #390563)

* ``GroupCompress`` repositories now take advantage of the pack hints
  parameter to permit cross-format fetching to incrementally pack the
  converted data. (Robert Collins)

* ``Repository.commit_write_group`` now returns opaque data about what
  was committed, for passing to the ``Repository.pack``. Repositories
  without atomic commits will still return None. (Robert Collins)

* ``Repository.pack`` now takes an optional ``hint`` parameter
  which will support doing partial packs for repositories that can do
  that. (Robert Collins)

* RepositoryFormat has a new attribute 'pack_compresses' which is True
  when doing a pack operation changes the compression of content in the
  repository. (Robert Collins)

* ``StreamSink`` and ``InterDifferingSerialiser`` will call
  ``Repository.pack`` with the hint returned by
  ``Repository.commit_write_group`` if the formats were different and the
  repository can increase compression by doing a pack operation.
  (Robert Collins, #376748)

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
365615 #365615 'AbsentContentFactory' object has no attribute 'get_bytes_as' errors with CHK repository on write operations 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
376748 #376748 after conversion chk formats are badly packed 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
390563 #390563 overly large delta creation when fetching from 2a repositories 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
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